A major cost for schools is lost or stolen inventory. Durable items like laptops, projectors, scanners, tablets, and other items can cost a lot and be easy to lose. By assigning each item to a location and individual that is responsible for that item you can track who has what at your schools.

When you purchase a durable item (as opposed to something consumable like a ream of paper or box of pencils) with a Purchase Request the item is automatically added to the Inventory system and ready to be received by someone at your school. If someone else takes control of an item, either temporarily or permanently, it is simple to update the location and person responsible for that item. This is great for things like a cart that gets shared between classrooms – everyone can easily see who currently has that item and what room it is in.

Knowing what happened to an item is important. That’s why EZPT has an Inventory Disposal process. When an item is Lost, Stolen, Broken, or Obsolete it’s important to know that that item is no longer available, that it is disposed of properly if it is Broken or Obsolete, or that it is tracked down or looked into if it is Lost or Stolen. Because each item has one individual responsible for it at any time it’s easy to see the last person that had that item to try to figure out what happened to it.

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