What is EZPaperTrail?

An Easy to Use Web Application for Managing School Operations & Spending

EZPaperTrail (EZPT) is a tool for requesting spending, approvals, and support for the teachers and staff at a school. It allows you to define customizable approval processes and workflows for each type of request, e.g. Purchases over $1000 go to the Principal for a Second Approval. It gets rid of piles of costly and inefficient paperwork, enforces orderly, auditable processes on spending, and gets rid if the guesswork for workflows and processes (no more staff dropping by the office to ask when or if a request will be handled).

EZPT requires no training for most teachers and staff, and only a few hours with your accounting and financial team to ensure that your budgets are imported and setup correctly. It is designed to support flexible processes for all of your schools while still being dead simple for people to use. We work hard to keep each feature clear, focused, and understandable.